Thrift Haul Thursday #2 – Granny Pants,Vintage, Shoes, Etc.

Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m a thrift-a-holic.

I hope to calm down on the thrift shopping soon because I’m running out of space! But it’s hard because I LOVE to rummage……….

I don’t have any pictures right now, but here is my thrift haul video.

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Thrift Haul Thursday #1: Forever 21, Express, Vintage, Etc.

I think I’ve almost lost all the weight I gained from my last pregnancy, so I’m finally going to look for a good summer wardrobe.

My little family spent a quiet Sunday afternoon browsing the endless racks at one of my favorite thrift spots in Sonoma County– the Goodwill near Kmart in Santa Rosa. I can always count on finding something special there.

So here are my thrift finds for your viewing pleasure (with the awesome prices included if you were curious). The video version on this haul is at the end🙂

Thrifted Black Heels by George from Walmart

$2.50. Black heels by the brand George (I think that’s a Walmart brand). Size 9 and a wardrobe staple bought cheap!

Thrifted Mint Green Skinnies from Mossimo Target

$3.50. Size 6 mint green skinny jeans. By the brand “Mossimo” originally from Target. …The start to my bright/patterned pants collection. I might go for floral next!

Thrifted Forever 21 Polkadot Cardigan

$3.99. Size medium, fitted black & white polkadot cardigan originally from Forever 21. I own so many polkadot cardies now!

Thrifted White Sleeveless Oxford by Cascade Blue

$3.99. Size medium button front shirt by the brand Cascade Blue. I plan to wear this in the hot summer with skinny jeans (as usual), sandals, and a loose cardigan for the breezes. Looking at this top makes me look forward to summer festivals with my family!

Thrifted Sleeveless Kirra Grey Blouse from Pacsun

$3.99. Medium polyester top with embellishments by the brand Kirra. You can always depend on Goodwill to find a good amount of stuff from Pacsun. This is another top I’d enjoy with a cardigan.

Thrifted Forever 21 Blue Printed Blouse

$3.99. Flowy cap-like sleeves, size medium blouse from Forever 21. Loose in all the right places but still pretty darn cute😉

Thrifted Urban Renewal Sleeveless Striped Blouse

$3.99 Size small/medium, oddly shaped sleeveless blouse from Urban Renewal (originally from Urban Outfitters). The texture of the blouse is a floral print. The wideness of the blouse makes an interesting silhouette.

Thrifted Vintage Green Liz Claiborne Crossbody Bag

Thrifted Mossimo Black V-neck Sweater

$3.99. A nylon/rayon blend sweater with size unknown (the size tag was ripped out). V-neck, and hits right below the boo-tay. Cute with an eternity scarf & skinnies. I’ll be getting my latte on with this get-up for sure.

Thrifted Beige Shell or Sleeveless blouse by Notations

$3.99. Polyester shell in size XL from the brand Notations. “What is a shell?” you may ask… It is a piece of clothing that keeps you modest. Mostly seen with women’s dress & pant suits of the 80’s and early 90’s. Read more about shells here:

Thrifted from Goodwill, Size Medium, Fitted Polkadot Cardigan

Thrifted from Goodwill, Size Medium, Fitted Polkadot Cardigan

Thrifted from Goodwill, Sleeveless Striped Top, Joanna, Size Large

Thrifted from Goodwill, Sleeveless Striped Top, Joanna, Size Large

Thrifted Taupe Express Blouse

$3.99, collared, button-front & hi-lo. Size Large. Cute with skinny jeans and boots?

Originally from Forever 21, Size Medium, 100% Silk, Tank Top with Zipper, Thrifted from Goodwill

Originally from Forever 21, Size Medium, 100% Silk, Tank Top with Zipper, Thrifted from Goodwill

Here’s my haul video from my Youtube channel!

Using Clip-On Earrings to Cover Guaged Ears

I bought a pair of cute clip-on earrings from Goodwill today and I’m pretty excited!

You see, I currently have 0-guaged ears and unfortunately I didn’t stretch them properly… If I take my earrings out they become slits instead of shrinking down to a smaller (and more inconspicuous) size.

Guaged Ear Cover Up Before Clip-On Earrings

I generally like my guaged ears, but I’ve been dying to wear earrings again. (I’m wearing black silicone plugs, pictured above.)

Guaged Ear Cover Up After Clip-On Earrings

So, I clipped these earrings on to a fleshy part above the guaged holes on my earlobes and they totally cover up the hole (and I’m still wearing the silicone plug underneath!).

Clip-On Earrings Used to Cover Guaged Ears

I’m now stoked to browse for cute clip-on earrings on Etsy and pair them with some of my vintage looks & dresses!

A Very Special St. Patrick’s Day: My Younger Son’s Christening

My younger son was baptized on St. Patrick’s Day this year. It was a blessed day and I thought I’d share it with you.

This video is basically *all* the footage and photos that were taken of my younger son’s baptism: from the time we were leaving the house, the baptism in its entirety, and all the way to the end of the reception. It’s very long; I made this video so that I can enjoy every recorded moment as an old lady🙂

Skip to 0:18 for photos of the preparation as well as family photos before leaving the house.
Skip to 1:07 for video footage of us driving to the church and meeting up with our family.
Skip to 4:44 for the baptism.
Skip to 25:47 for a few post-baptism pictures and footage of the reception.

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A Coach Haul (My Valentine’s Gift From the Hubby)

I posted a “Coach Factory Outlet Haul” video last week on my Youtube channel.

This year for Valentine’s Day, my husband took me and the kids down to the Coach Outlet in Petaluma and let me pick out anything I wanted.

Because I rarely buy expensive purses, I really wanted to pick the ‘perfect’ purse. I was looking for something dark, roomy, could be held as both a crossbody & a satchel, and had the signature C’s. I also wanted the purse to be something I’d be able to use in my daily life.

I kept looking at the leather handbags but they didn’t really fit my lifestyle; I don’t think leather would look great at the park, the beach, and anywhere else I usually take my kids.

I finally chose a black & silver bag from the Kristen line. It has a crossbody & satchel strap.

I did end up buying another bag by myself that would be for everyday use. It’s a grey & silver satchel-type bag with signature C’s. I feel comfortable wearing it everyday because it’s the right size and it was pretty darn cheap for a Coach purse ($65!!!).

Now that I have both purses, they kind of look similar as they sit side by side. I’m thinking about exchanging the black & silver bag again… I haven’t taken its tag off yet…

Wanting Another Baby

Wanting Another Baby

I have two babies that take up ALL my love, attention & sanity… Piles of poopie diapers & laundry… mealtime quabbles… lots of cartoons, tears, & hugs… I’m SO thankful to be with my boys everyday but these challenges take me to my breaking point a lot.

So why does my heart ache for another baby?!

I find myself window shopping for infant clothes, lovingly patting my belly, and watching pregnancy videos on YouTube more often than I’d like to admit. But I also cry myself to sleep sometimes from not having enough ‘me’ time or romantic time with my husband.

We chose not to have another baby because we feel we want to provide the best emotional (and financial) support for our children. Having two boys already is a real challenge for us. It also shatters my heart when I’m soothing one boy while the other one is crying for my undivided attention.

I sit here relieved that my 8-month-old is able to sit across the room from me and be happy enough to play by himself right now so I can write this blog post. Blogging really helps me de-stress. I can’t imagine how it would be if I had a newborn to care for as well.


I’m going to be honest and admit that I just want another baby! I don’t know why. I want to experience all the symptoms and be a grumpy pregnant woman again! I’m not done having babies!!!!

I’m a woman and it’s ok to say that I want a baby. I was born with a uterus for a reason!

It feels good to be able to say that. Now I’m going to go back to reality and break a sweat as I hang out with my two boisterous boys…. While trying to keep my cool as I remind myself that wanting more babies are just the hormones talking.